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Rescue Unit and red Subaru rally car

Spot the deliberate error – not-quite-a-hyphen

by Lock 6. March 2014 11:18

Just some waffle.

Spot the difference between a hyphen and a longer dash







We are on a New Server & Everything will be lovely.

by Lock 17. May 2013 12:56

If you read this, the SMMC website and blog are up and running on a new server running different hosting software.  More...


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Marshals Post is back!

by Lock 2. May 2013 10:31

The SMMC Newsletter Marshals Post is risen from the dead More...


MSA Yearbook - the Blue Book

by Lock 27. April 2013 02:42

If you don’t get a Blue Book from the MSA, you can order one through SMMC More...

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Windows Live Writer

by Lock 26. April 2013 13:47

Windows Live Writer is a free tool designed for writing blog posts. I like it, and not just because it is free. More...

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Colin McRae Forest Stages - 6 October

by Garry 14. September 2012 22:52

Marshals are required for the final round of the 2012 MSA Scottish Rally Championship.  As well as More...



Ingliston Pictures

by Lock 15. May 2012 23:58

A few of my pictures from the DCC Ingliston rally of 5/5/12 are now in the media gallery More...

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Dunfermline Car Club Stages Rally

by Garry 29. April 2012 21:29

The Dunfermline Car Club Stages Rally, takes place on Saturday the 5th of May at Ingliston Showground. More...

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Charterhall Pictures

by Lock 23. April 2012 13:08

There are two albums of pictures (Seniors and Juniors) from Charterhall 2012 now in the SMMC Gallery. More...



by Garry 29. March 2012 20:38


Come to Charterhall this weekend and see the first round of the EC Formula 1000

2012SEEDEDENTRIESjuniors(1).pdf (184.15 kb)


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