Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club Title
Rescue Unit and red Subaru rally car

About the new SMMC Site

This is an interim home page to test new features that will be plugged together to make the new site.

The original .cfm pages were changed to .htm pages and now to .aspx

Note new versions of:

  • Contact Us with a form to fill in, and no exposed club email address
  • Calendar with searchable database - this is the vanilla SACC database at present, columns will be added to indicate SMMC marshal/radio/rescue involvement, and an option to filter by any one or all of those columns.
  • Photo gallery - supports multiple albums, and can hold documents - Word, Text, Excel, .pdf - as well as pictures.
  • Login required for access to members-only pages.
  • "Roles" feature - only logged on users, who additionally have been assigned to certain roles, such as "Administrator" or "Editor", may access specific pages and carry out specific functions. Note especially that this allows us to distinguish "site members" - anyone who has registered and created an account to use the site - from "Current SMMC Members" who may access additional areas. The "roles" are not hardwired, and may be extended or redefined as needed.
  • Admin pages to assign roles to users, activate membership, reset accounts locked out after repeated password failures, etc.
  • Blogging system - see "News" on the main menu.
  • If you want to contact the webmaster to report details of a problem, please use the Contact page.


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Companies Act 2006
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Registered Office: 5 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 8EJ

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