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by Garry 26. January 2015 20:59

Message from the Scottish Association of Car Clubs

Marshals are the true lifeblood of motorsport. Without marshals, there would be no events – it’s as simple as that.


In order to recognise this, the Scottish Association of Car Clubs has decided to do something to show how much our volunteers are valued by events and competitors. Starting in January 2015 we are putting in place a recognition and reward system for ALL marshals across ALL MSA-governed motorsport events. Very simply put, each time you assist on an event you will gain points towards rewards. The details of these rewards will be announced shortly, but we can promise a truly exciting range of goodies.



In order to facilitate recording of event attendance we are using the MSA’s Marshals’ Grading Scheme. We ask all marshals who wish to be included in the Scottish Rewards Scheme to sign up for the free MSA Marshal registration. The record card that is associated with this will be the base for the Scottish Reward scheme.

For full details of how to register for the MSA Marshals' Grading Scheme click here to go to the Scottish Association of Car Clubs website. (


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